The Temporary Lab of Non | Permanent Change

Posted on April 5, 2012

The temporary lab of non | permanent change is a research project on relations between migration and city change, visible phenomenas, transnational identities and its visibility in public space. This public portal is a methodological experiment and part of my PhD-work “Inhabiting for / as Migrants – temporary / permanent, formal / informal” on Vienna University of Technologies, Institute of Art and Design, Visual Culture Unit, Prof. Peter Mörtenböck.

Everyone interested / connected to the issues of migration and city is invited to participate. You can comment on articles and you can also contribute to it by submitting your own articles, pictures, videos, paintings, etc.

The expected result should be a tool for future city planners and -researchers, interested in wide spectrum of relations between migration and city change. I see it as a practical product of my theoretical work, which is to be developed during the research process. In this way the dynamics of migration state that there is no static knowledge of it, but that we are together constantly working on it.

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