Posted on April 6, 2012

Amila Širbegović,born in Brcko (BiH), lives and works in Vienna, where she works and researches at the intersection of urban planning, migration and production of space.

Research: In her Ph.D. she dealt with temporary and permanent visibilities of migrational practices and transnational identities in urban areas of Vienna, Sarajevo and St. Louis. She developed her own method for the analysis of the visible phenomena of migration in the urban context, attempting to record the global, transnational, yet locally anchored space, and simultaneously produced a tool (an interactive web portal) out of her practice, which can be used and reshaped by other city researchers. She is founder of the web portal Shift The City, a portal for scientific exchange and knowledge production on migration and urban change (2012), an experiment, developed during her Ph.D. She studied architecture at the University of Technology, Vienna (1996-2004), doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Peter Mörtenböck (2008-2013), Ph.D. awarded : November 2013;

Involvement: As part of her work for the Viennese office for city renewal she co-initiated the urban research project “Reisebüro Ottakringerstraße”, where she co-published a book dealing with local identities and global transformation processes. She co-founded the Association spurA to promote interdisciplinary and inter cultural exchange between Vienna and the Western Balkans (2013).


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