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Posted on December 1, 2012

The Temporary Lab of Non | Permanent Space is an interactive web portal and a tool for communication and exchange of experience. Shift in Shift the City stands for move and change. It represents content of my research, when it comes to changes in the urban context of migration, on the other hand, as a web portal it makes change itself. This virtual laboratory is a dynamic experiment. Here I show my work, the walking interviews, photos and theoretical texts. Everyone interested in the topic can participate and contribute. The Temporary Lab of Non | Permanent Space is an interactive platform where within the meaning of the open source idea new discoveries in the city and migration research is accessible for anyone. Another aim is to establish a network between researchers, who  work and deal in different ways with migration and city. The temporary lab Shift the City opens a new space, allowing a direct confrontation with migration and city where  transnational identities, states of emergency and visible phenomena of migration and above all urbanity1 meat.

All posts by netwokers are marked with a title Networked and a number.

1 >>The concept of urbanity […] includes more than stimulating production of urban spaces and a variety of cultural offerings. Urbanity always means a picture of real life. It takes into account also the economic, social and political opportunities for a human life, which opens up a city for each of its citizens. <<

Häußermann / Siebel 1992: 06


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