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Posted on February 10, 2013

Marula Di Como (graphic artist) has been using pictograms as a means of artistic expression since 2000. In Buenos Aires Marula Di Como worked together with Florencia Young (graphic designer) on projects such as ‘El futuro está en el papel pintado de la Bauhaus’ for the Goethe Institute in 1997, and ‘Des-Límites, Valle del Riachuelo Matanzas’, also for the Goethe Institute. This last project was also on display in the ‘Di Tella Institute’, and was chosen by the curator, Catherine David, for the exhibition ‘City Editing’, shown at the Proa Foundation in 1999 in Buenos Aires.
Marula and Florencia met again in Berlin and went on to develop the exhibition ‘Proyecto Ausländer’ (Berlin and Buenos Aires, 2003/2004) which focussed on the feelings and experiences associated with being a woman in a foreign country. In 2004 they invited the sociologist Estela Schindel to join them and in doing so, the migrantas collective was born. Migrantas’ first projects were: ‘Integration’ (Berlin, 2005), ‘Interkulturelle Werkstatt’, ‘Bilder bewegen’, and ‘Bilder bewegen II’ (Berlin 2006). In 2006 Irma Leinauer (urban planner) joined the collective, as did Alejandra López (journalist) in 2007.



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