Posted on September 7, 2014

„This is such a multifaceted and multilayered neighborhood. Before I started with the Bosnian Memory project I researched it for other reasons. There was a rich Hungarian-German community living here. It is like peeling off an onion, there is so much to know about this area. It changes so much, it is going to be interesting to see who will be here 20 years from now, because many of the Bosnians, who have lived here, are leaving or already left. They are going south. On one way it is architecturally pretty stable neighborhood, it is a little bit isolated because is removed from many interstates, and I think that tends to protect it a little bit. On the other hand it just keeps changing, and I know people who have lived here for 60 years. And again there are other people here, who have moved here very recently from other parts of the world.“

Walking interview with Professor Benjamin Moore in Bevo, St. Louis, 2013

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