Posted on September 7, 2014

„Die Wilde 13 – (Wild 13)”

Creaking, sizzling and rattling the 13 leans into a curve. It’s freight falters before the hungry machine works it’s way through the district of Wilhelmsburg. The Metrobus 13 is the lifeline of Hamburg’s largest, most international and poorest district and at the same time a burden shared by all inhabitants – named „Wilde 13“ (Wild 13).

The bus acts as a burning lens visualizing the chances and conflicts of Europe’s largest river isle. Passing the district’s past and future the bus drives through Wilhelmsburg: urban development, modern Utopias and the International Building Exhibition all cast their shadows. The film is not just a tribute to Wilhelmsburg but a rough documentary feature examining a transforming district, multinational everyday life and the clashes of rich and poor, young and old. It is an audiovisual testimony of this changing formerly working-class and migration district. The filmmakers take the bus to cut across the district that is on the edge of gentrification and representing a variety of neighbourhoods all around the world that are in the same position. With their camera they accompany different bus-passengers to their homes and draw a picture of their divergent lifeworlds. Kofi, once the first non-white busdriver of the city of Hamburg, Peter, retiree and born in Wilhelmsburg, Mathias, the mind behind Fatih Akins “Soulkitchen”, Baris, a young Turk and Julie, photographer with a studio in Wilhelmsburg – they all live or work in this heterogeneous neighbourhood.

A documentary by Team “Die wilde 13”

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