Daniele Karasz

Daniele Karasz is research assistant at the Department of Social- and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna. His main interests are Museum Education and Urban Restructuring, Migration and Social Housing. The topic of his PHD-thesis is “Reinventing the City. About Migrants and the Reuse of Urban Brownfields in Vienna”. He was “Cultore della materia” at the School of Architecture of the “Politecnico di Milano” and worked in various research projects on urban development, subsidized housing and migration. He was part of interdisciplinary planning teams realizing social housing projects.


Graffiti, Ankerbrotfabrik, June 2013

by Daniele Karasz

Shifting the ground on the “Island of Crete”

About migrants, brownfields and urban renewal in Vienna

Brownfields and the question of their reuse play a significant role in urban renewal projects. My research focuses on the reuse of different urban brownfields in Vienna. The aim is to comprehend the processes of reuse, to understand what kind of state and non-state actors are involved and how the processes of reuse are acted out. The research project particularly focuses on the involvement of migrants as actors in these processes. I thus look at the positions of migrants in urban restructuring processes in Vienna without taking the city itself, or a certain pre-defined group of migrants as an entry point to the analysis. The point of departure is the transformation of urban brownfields. Continue Reading →

Networked _00X

The Temporary Lab of Non | Permanent Space is an interactive web portal and a tool for communication and exchange of experience. Shift in Shift the City stands for move and change. It represents content of my research, when it comes to changes in the urban context of migration, on the other hand, as a web portal it makes change itself. This virtual laboratory is a dynamic experiment. Continue Reading →