Erol Yildiz

Erol Yildiz was born in Samsun (Turkey) and holds an Mphil and a PhD in Education. Furthermore he has completed a postdoc work in Sociology. He is a professor of Intercultural Education at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Klagenfurt (Austria). His research interests include migration studies, intercultural education, urbanity and globalization. His most recent book is Weltoffene Stadt. Wie Migration Globalisierung zum urbanen Alltag macht. 2013 Bielefeld (Transcript Verlag).


“Baklava transport” on Keupstraße, Cologne, photo by Paula Altmann, 2012

“Baklava transport” on Keupstraße, Cologne, photo by Paula Altmann, 2012

by Erol Yildiz and Marc Hill

From Migrant to Post-Migrant

If you start saying something new, especially when it concerns supposed lines of difference, as in talk on migration, that is always associated with resistance against established patterns of interpretation. In the resistance by young migrants who narrate tales of immigration that differ from those of their (grand)parents and what is generally familiar, we can discern a development from the migrant to what we would like to term the post-migrant. Biographical approaches to the everyday world of young migrants often reveal just how distant and removed their lives are from the traditional reproach of a purported “parallel society.” However, there are also special musical groups, theatrical plays, literary works and films that come straight to the point, encapsulating in a provocative manner the post-migrant element as subversive praxis pitched against hegemonial attributions. Continue Reading →

Networked _00X

The Temporary Lab of Non | Permanent Space is an interactive web portal and a tool for communication and exchange of experience. Shift in Shift the City stands for move and change. It represents content of my research, when it comes to changes in the urban context of migration, on the other hand, as a web portal it makes change itself. This virtual laboratory is a dynamic experiment. Continue Reading →