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Marula Di Como (graphic artist) has been using pictograms as a means of artistic expression since 2000. In Buenos Aires Marula Di Como worked together with Florencia Young (graphic designer) on projects such as ‘El futuro está en el papel pintado de la Bauhaus’ for the Goethe Institute in 1997, and ‘Des-Límites, Valle del Riachuelo Matanzas’, also for the Goethe Institute. This last project was also on display in the ‘Di Tella Institute’, and was chosen by the curator, Catherine David, for the exhibition ‘City Editing’, shown at the Proa Foundation in 1999 in Buenos Aires. Continue Reading →


Urban actions | Being part of the city landscape © migrantas

by migrantas

a visual language of migration

Working with public urban spaces as its platform, migrantas aims to make visible the thoughts and feelings of those who have left their own country and now live in a new one.

Mobility, migration and transculturality are not the exception in our world, but are instead becoming the rule. Nevertheless, migrant women and their experiences remain often invisible to the majority of our society.

Migrantas works with issues of migration, identity and intercultural dialogue. Their work incorporates tools from the visual arts, graphic design and social sciences. Members of the collective, mostly women who have themselves immigrated to Germany, develop the projects with other migrant women in a horizontal dialogue. Continue Reading →

Networked _00X

The Temporary Lab of Non | Permanent Space is an interactive web portal and a tool for communication and exchange of experience. Shift in Shift the City stands for move and change. It represents content of my research, when it comes to changes in the urban context of migration, on the other hand, as a web portal it makes change itself. This virtual laboratory is a dynamic experiment. Continue Reading →