Patria Mia – Nomad Direction

documentary by Duska Zagorac

>>I started off by making a film about the Chinese in Bosnia but in the process realized I was also making a film about the Bosnians in exile. At the same time, I found myself a mere observer of the new Bosnia, a society I no longer belonged to. So Patria Mia became almost like a letter to my lost country <<

Duska Zagorac, director

Here is the interview that I did with the director of the movie Patria Mia – Nomad Direction, Duska Zagorac, on transnational identities and Chinese community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The movie Patria Mia was part of the project „Bosnia and Herzegovina: In Search for Lost Identity“. What does lost identity mean for you?

The idea behind this project was that each director would make a film that would interpret the theme in a very personal way. This meant that the twelve films that were made as part of this project were all very different.

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Researching Transitory Urban Phenomena – Rajlovac 2009 and 2012

When I first visited Rajlovac, a suburb part of city of Sarajevo, in spring 2010 I found there a vivid city part, mostly populated by Chinese community. Beside the economic contribution through trading, these people “contributed to revitalization of this urban quarter without architects and urban planners”(Sirbegovic, 2011: 172). This renewed vivid city quarter is still here in 2012, what seems to be missing is Chinese community. It merged into a semi – industrial zone for Bosnian companies, with service and trading utilities. Continue Reading →