Beside their unique historical development, there are other similarities between urban quarters in St. Louis, Sarajevo and Vienna. One of the most important ones is the transnational identity and lifestyle of their residents that first of all assures their existential survival and additionally contributes to urban regeneration and to an improvement in quality of life for all residents. Given different opportunities, the new residents—the immigrants— can contribute to the society and thus help influence, shape and reshape it. Continue Reading →

Urban Quarters—Somewhere in the Mid-City

In the Bevo Area, South City in St. Louis, a Bosnian community in search of its own post-Yugoslav identity has unintentionally contributed to this city’s renewal. St. Louis is the second largest city in the US State of Missouri and has an estimated population of over 350,000 and is the principal municipality of Greater St. Louis, population 2,800,000, the largest urban area in Missouri, the fourth largest urban area in the Midwest, and the fifteenth largest in the United States.1 Like every other US city, St. Louis was formed by migration, especially in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries by immigrants from Germany, Ireland and Italy. They helped to shape the cuisine, religious expression, music and architecture of the city.2 In 1993 a new big wave of immigration from Europe began. These immigrants were war refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who almost immediately started reshaping the city by creating better living conditions for themselves. Continue Reading →

(Un)planned urban renewal of Bosnian immigrants in St.Louis—Bevo Area/South City

The area around the Bevo Mill in the South City of St. Louis is a part of the city that has been changed and ›renewed‹ in the last two decades by immigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular. The first immigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina came in 1993.  The International Organization for Migration (IOM) organized and managed the immigration of 13 families (Matsuo 2004). Continue Reading →