Team “Die wilde 13”

Directors: Kerstin Schaefer & Paul Spengemann

Book: Marco Antonio Reyes Loredo & Kerstin Schaefer

Kerstin Schaefer studied cultural anthropology, art history and ethnology. Her master’s thesis: „Die Wilde 13“ is about a metrobus 13 mirroring the district of Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. She was awarded Max-Brauer-Award für outstanding students. Continue Reading →


„Die Wilde 13 – (Wild 13)”

Creaking, sizzling and rattling the 13 leans into a curve. It’s freight falters before the hungry machine works it’s way through the district of Wilhelmsburg. The Metrobus 13 is the lifeline of Hamburg’s largest, most international and poorest district and at the same time a burden shared by all inhabitants – named „Wilde 13“ (Wild 13). Continue Reading →

Networked _00X

The Temporary Lab of Non | Permanent Space is an interactive web portal and a tool for communication and exchange of experience. Shift in Shift the City stands for move and change. It represents content of my research, when it comes to changes in the urban context of migration, on the other hand, as a web portal it makes change itself. This virtual laboratory is a dynamic experiment. Continue Reading →